Deaf Photography event

Deaf Explorer invites you to a presentation about Deaf photography.

Rinkoo Barpaga @rinkoo_street_photo (UK theatre-maker & street photographer) worked with Ali Noonari @deafcommunity_signlanguage (expert in Pakistan Sign Language) to create a digital photo-book about the Deaf experience of COVID-19 in the UK and Pakistan. Funded by Transforming Narratives @transformingnarratives , the work is a digital exchange between the two artists. Stephen Iliffe @deaf_mosaic is a deaf photographer and writer. His passion is using images and text to bring stories to life. Most recently, Stephen has published a website and series of portraits; Deaf Mosaic highlighting the diversity that exists in the Deaf community – a topic central to Deaf Explorer’s vision.

Join Rinkoo, Ali and Stephen for presentations about their work and a Q&A live from our Facebook page.

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