Asnath Mokeka Losala

Asnath is a Deaf athlete and street dancer. She competed in Deaf Olympics in 2017. In 2019 she featured in HERE/NOT HERE, a hip hop music drama showcasing a new visual language for story-telling by combining British Sign Language, Visual Vernacular, urban dance, music, and football, directed by Bim Ajadi and broadcast by BSL Zone. In 2020 she was commissioned by Deaf Explorer and China Plate to make a 60 second video, It Get’s Lighter From Here. Her video ‘Conquérir’ was a huge success, gaining 321 views on China Plate twitter feed.


Watch ‘It Gets Lighter From Here: Conquérir’

Conquérir: Asnath Losala

Watch Asnath in ‘Here Not Here’

Asnath Losala in ‘Here Not Here’