China Plate and Deaf Explorer commissioned four films by Deaf artists to celebrate the winter solstice.

Deaf Explorer were delighted to co-commission Maral, Rinkoo Barpaga, Asnath Mokeka Losala and Ishtiaq Hussian. Each clip was to last no longer than 60 seconds and was the artist’s response to the statement; “It gets lighter from here”.

More about the project here:

Maral created a short video, ‘Yalda Night’ a beautiful commentary on celebrating the winter solstice apart from family and friends who share her traditions, trying to keep her traditions alive but celebrating alone.

Rinkoo Barpaga, despite suffering from COVID-19, put together as montage of his footage filmed previously using a drone, to celebrate and remember what the world looks like, despite being trapped at home in self-isolation. Rinkoo’s video is titled: ‘Aim High, Fly Higher’

Watch Rinkoo’s video on twitter:

Asnath Mokeka Losala is an emerging dance artist and this was her first artistic commission, ‘Conquerir’ a fierce expression on freedom and joy in these difficult times.

Ishtiaq Hussain filmed ‘Winter Wildlife Solstice’ a spooky visual vernacular poem about animals in a forest as the sun sets and moon rises.