Thank you to Arts Council England for emergency funding for Deaf Explorer

Rinkoo Barpaga

Deaf explorer CIC support artists working in all art forms photography, painting,  crafts, jewellery, Live art,  theatre, stand up comedy, VV, storytelling, music and dance.
We are creative producers empowering Deaf artists to access real-world opportunities, troubleshoot problems and mediate between deaf and hearing worlds.
Arts Council England have awarded deaf explorer emergency funds. With this grant we will, match deaf artists  with arts organisations wanting to work with Deaf artists.
For example we are working with creative Black Country on West Midlands spirit of 2012 regional challenge fund.
Women in theatre wanted deaf women’s stories for a new play about lockdown, we asked artist Maral Mamaghani to reach out to the deaf community and 30 deaf women sent bsl videos using social media.
Arts organisations are making small grants available for artists.Deaf explorer are supporting deaf artists to navigate and understand funding criteria and make application for micro commissions.
In the last three months we have supported 12 artists make applications and 8 have been successful.  We are supporting  deaf artists to deliver their commissions.
Deaf explorer want Deaf artists to contact us, so we can offer advice and support, and hopefully match more deaf artists with arts organisations seeking to commission artists during this difficult time.
Deaf explorer is delighted that we will be working on  our business plan with consultant Helga Henry. Our hope is to develop deaf explorer so that in the future it it can help more Deaf artists,  by working in partnership with the arts sector.
During this during the next six months we will also reach out to Deaf artists and allies in the arts sector to plan for future activity and develop a touring network for Deaf artists work.