Finn’s Ballet of Plastic – a proposal to Manchester Science Festival

Haptic Fish Tank/The Ballet of Plastic:

They key elements to this project: 

1. The relationship and interaction that users will have with the fish and their different behaviours (the fish represent the rest of society).

2. Using immersive and haptic technology to highlight a deaf-blind perspective.

3. The change in the environment when the fish tank is overwhelmed by plastic

Here’s Finn’s proposal: 

Haptic Fish Tank/The Ballet of Plastic:

No written words or voiceover..

The wonder of the Fishes.

You build a relationship with the fishes.. The main fish would nudge you to the feeding station with haptic machine.. you would feel the pecking from the fishes through the machine.. I need to create a sense of calmness, a sense of wonder.. with fishes swimming around you.. some would interact with you, They acknowledge you..

The destruction… The over fishery..

A hook lowers, all the fishes look at the hook curiously.. The hook jerks up and down teasingly.. One fish takes a bite.. that very same fish you interact early.. you watch it yank up violently. Suddenly many hooks of various sizes drop down greedily.. Every fishes one by one yanks upward till no more fishes.. The mood changed, room darken even more.. music blaring out with a claw crashing into the seabed searching, nets thrown in ripping. swiping snatching and mauling every part of the seabed searching for one ounce of life.. 

A Sharp Silence.

The Dance of Plastic. Throw away culture.

You looking up and you see a single toothbrush floating down to the tune of a sweet music, Ballet type of music,

The brush stabs into the bed upright, then you see some more toothbrushes float down, it become poetically and musically beautiful, You see the sea bed full of upright toothbrushes like a little forest.. then you see packet of crisps floating, spinning down to the music, it lands on top of the toothbrushes smothering  all over.. and again you see plastic bottles coming down.. the music ends you see pile and pile of plastics on the seabed..

According to the report, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean in thirty years time..

It has to be choreographically tuned to music.. 

Now it is true I am deaf and I don’t have a real understanding in music..

But all people have their own rhythmically beats in our body.. According to someone.. 

mine is shite hot (!)

Deaf people can enjoy music through sounds and beats. 

I want it to be visually musical.. Ballet type of music.. 

The first moment of the toothbrush dance.. you would looking up.. can you imagine thing.. dancing from above slowly down to the seabed.. as soon it stabs into the seabed, you would see more toothbrushes floating down in cool formation like Synchronized Swimming but more gracefully..

So it is three scenes..

1. The fragile of the ocean.

2. The over fishing

3. Throw away Culture..  

Articles for Reference
We are turning our beautiful Ocean into a plastic soup.

Seabed trawling, a weighted net on the seabed dragging everything rocks, corals, fish, crabs etc..

Bycatch.. catching the wrong kind of fishes that had to over fishery..

Thank you to producer Harmeet Chagger-Khan


R&D supported by Unlimited and Coventry University

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