3 Deaf artists commissioned by Creative Connections projects to help us through the lockdown and social distancing.

We are delighted that Creative Connections have commissioned three Deaf artists. It’s a Creative people and places project.

Creative Connections is a new strand of work that has been developed to support creativity across the Black Country during these extraordinary times. Each project has been chosen by a panel of people from the Black Country and includes a wide variety of ideas that will take place both online and offline, in specific areas and across the whole region.

Some of the projects have started and some will be kicking off any day now and we’ll be sharing how you can get involved with them, watch them, receive info about them below. In the meantime here is a small teaser of information about each of the chosen projects. This is just a tiny bit of information – each project has many elements to engage and we’ll be sharing that as they unfold.

You’ll see that we have put some of the projects in geographical areas, however you’ll also notice that some of these can be shared anywhere so don’t be put off by the ‘areas’.

KINETIC CONNECTIVITY – Deaf Streetdance in Lockdown by Billy Read
Billy will create a fun and accessible digital content for young Deaf people releasing short street dance video tutorials each week, in BSL. Starting from beginners and leading to short sequences the videos will be pre-recorded for access (BSL interpreter ‘voice-over’ and subtitles).


Rinkoo will engage Deaf people in the Black Country by asking them to share their stories with him. Stories about growing up in the region, their families and what life was like then and is like now, and what it means to be Deaf and having to social distance. “I want to re-engage Deaf people in the Black Country with arts and share the strong traditions of story-telling that are at the heart of Deaf culture. Deaf people tell stories of everyday life with creativity and rich detail.”

Deafblind artist Finn wants people to join him in designing a fish tank by sending digital images of drawings of fish, backgrounds, corals, and ornaments to populate his virtual tank. The fish form part of a wider tech project that Finn is developing with Coventry University to create the sensation of touch to augment 3D animation. We don’t want to give the surprise away but Finn has plenty of ideas on how a ‘favourite fish’ competition will develop in to something quite special.