In March 2019 Brighton based Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings completed her project in Birmingham with Zoetrope expert Melanie Tomlinson

We will be posting pictures of the Zoetropes soon.

It’s an R & D funded by Arts Council England

The aim of the R & D is to find a practical solution that will realise the deaf artist’s vision of a large-scale Zoetrope at outdoor festivals. Mentoring by Louise Dennison producer at Artichoke will guide creating an outdoor street artwork, networking & meeting producers. The motion of the Zoetrope will enable Omeima to animate motifs in her textile work that are synonymous with her diverse & multiple identities. For Omeima, it is a new way of working; a collaboration with maker Melanie Tomlinson & Oud player Rihab Azar, with zoetrope workshops.

Pictured Company of Cranes by Melanie Tomlinson