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Ace Mahbaz – Extreme Talent

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Jonny Cotsen – Louder is not always Clearer

Interview with theatre maker Jonny Cotsen: “Hearing people are not very good listeners”

Hearing Privilege – ASL with subtitles

Olivia Davis – Visual Artist

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A graceful professional dancer who possesses a sense of rhythm, a feeling for music, and a creative ability to express himself through movement. Seeking to obtain a position in an entertainment environment in which I will progressively utilize my extensive fine art and education background.  

Ruth Montgomery audiovisability

Refusing this stereotype are Audiovisability’s British Syrian composer Waseem Kotoub and flautist Ruth Montgomery. Their latest project The Unheard World tackles urgent Middle East themes – home, displacement and migration – as war continues to tear traditional societies apart.


Photo by Stephen Iliffe

Billy Read Billy Read Blog

Billy Read Ariel Fung Nao Masuda & Nathan Marsh at mac 2017

In 2017 Billy Read received an UNLIMITED International R & D award, that was produced by mac Birmingham and Deaf Explorer. It was a collaboration with Hong Kong-based Street Dancer Ariel Fung. In 2016, Billy Read received Arts Council funding to collaborate with Giulia Marchetti who is based in Italy and is trained in a popular Indian classical dance style. The twenty-minute dance show was promoted to Deaf Indian and Pakistani audiences and young people. “Like Mirabai”  used British Sign Language to tell a story and fused Indian dance with street dance.  Billy’s  interest in making dance shows that deal with oppression and appeal to young audiences is informed by his work with Opera Circus and  “The Complete Freedom of Truth” where he teaches dance and creates performances with young people from 7 European countries.  In 2015, he made a new street dance show involving 30 people for the Birmingham Weekender Festival in September 2015.  Billy has a strong network of International Deaf Promotors and regularly works abroad, and collaborates with deaf dancers. In 2015 he made new work with Antoine Hunter of Urban Jazz Company in the USA and presented new work at The Bay Area Deaf Dance Festival.  In recognition of the disparity of opportunity for deaf people in the mainstream, he supports emerging deaf dancers here in Uk and abroad. In 2011 he founded the deaf dance crew Def Motion. By 2013 the company was dancing at CLIN D’OEIL The European Deaf Arts Festival in Reims, France. 

maral.mamaghani MA Project, Tales of Tresses, 2017
Brooch-Human natural Hair, Coconut Shell, Oxidised Copper Sheet, Stainless Steel

Birmingham based artist, that deaf explorer supporting. Also Artist in residence at @grandunionltd that presents innovative artistic and curatorial practice.