Mark Smith

Deaf Explorer are supporting Mark Smith with the R & D of his exciting Hut 8 project.

This R&D by choreographer Mark Smith is inspired by Mathematician Alan Turing. Mark will explore the artistic side of Turing with four different ideas.   He will bring together Maths, Movement and Music. By learning about Mathematics he will bring Turing’s scientific language into dance. By collaborating with sign language expert he will learn how to show the emotion of Turing’s poetic writing. By working with leading dancers he will devise choreography that shows the inspiration for Turing’s machine, that of his first love Christopher Marcom & use verbatim theatre style to describe discrimination in the sixties and the impact of Turings law (pardon) on the lives of older gay men. In 2009,  British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an Official public apology on behalf of the British government for “the appalling way he was treated.” 

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