SHOPPING TIME! SUNDAY 6TH DECEMBER 2020, Deaf Explorer becomes a shopping channel for SQUARE-EYE FESTIVAL

SQUARE-EYE FESTIVAL 11.00 am Sunday 6th December 2020.

Shopping Time!

Don’t know what to buy for Christmas gifts? Still haven’t bought anything? It’s time to treat yourself or someone you love with original work made by Deaf artists. Why not to join us to see what Deaf craft makers and visual artists are selling this year. Let’s support each other and the Deaf economy during this strange time.

The artist’s work will be broadcast on Deaf Explorer’s facebook, instagram and youtube channels.


11am Ruaridh Lever-Hogg

Ruaridh graduated recently from Duncan of Jordanstone Art School, Dundee University, with a Masters’ degree in Fine Art. He paints in oils on authentic tartan fabrics, treated and placed on traditional canvas stretchers. 


11:30am Oliver Chettle

Based in Reading and he paints on photography with oils. 


Olivers Etsy Shop to buy his art work

12pm Vicky Barber

Acrylic paintings on canvases & woods

Styles: Acrylic Pouring/Splashing

Various sizes & shapes paintings available for sale, 

buy directly via inbox messages on Instagram/ Facebook art pages



Art page on social media:

12:30pm Oliver Jamin

Olivier is an Award Winning Multi Talented Contemporary Artist

Winner of IPSE’s Freelance Project of the Year 2019.

Olivier is shortlisted for European Diversity Awards (EDA): Coca Cola’s Hero of the Year 2019

He specialises in hand drawn multicoloured art using stencils, graffiti, digital art and public art installation. The aim is to produce work that combines the effect of colours and patterns and raises peoples imaginations and awareness.

Olivier sell original artwork and digital prints online at his website 

Social media:

1pm Sarah O’Dowd

Sarah O’Dowd, Deaf artist based in Northumberland, Read about Sarah and her landscape pictures on The Limping Chicken

1.30 pm Visual Arts Panel

The shopping event is followed by Visual Arts Panel at 1.30 pm with Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq, Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings, Maral Mamaghanizadeh and Rauridh Lever-Hogg for conversation about Deaf visual art and how to work in the mainstream.

BSL Interpreted