Deaf Dance Panel, 2.30 PM, Sat 5 Dec, 2020, Square EYE FESTIval

Donna Mullings will host a panel discussion with Chisato Minamimura with guest appearance using pre recored video by Chris Fonseca, Mark Smith, Billy Read and  Ariel Fung. Find out about what’s happening in the arts from the perspective of leading Deaf dancers.

Photo Deaf Men Dancing, Joshua Cantril & Joseph Fletcher at Bird College Theatre 2019

Donna Mullings has performed dance with Def Motion and has performed at the Reims Clin d’Oeil Festival (France), Incloodu Festival (London) and WoW Festival (Black Country).

in 2019, Mark Smith, commissioned by Greenwich Performs Festival to reboot Deaf Men Dancing & make a new work, called the, “Progress Score:”

Chris Fonseca Chris’s passion for street dance grew and he gained more experience in different styles of dance. He specifically enjoyed street dance and grew through teaching himself and through attending classes that focused on Lyrical hip hop.

Chisato Minamimura, I approach choreography from my unique perspectives as a Deaf artist, creating what I call ‘visual sound / music’. My practice meshes work in visual sound / music, Sign Mime, BSL art guide, digital and performance to explore human sensory experience.

Billy Read, devised an outdoor flash mob style dance work for Southside in 2018 and founded Def Motion who made outdoor street dance shows in West Bromwich and Festival Clin d’Oeil, Reims, a global Deaf culture festival.

Ariel Fung

Ariel Fung is part of Fun Forrest, a Deaf dance crew in Hong Kong and Billy works with Ariel due to the lack of deaf female hip hop street dancers in uk.

Watch below Official video for ‘Change’ Hercules & The Love Affair