Ruth Montgomery Intro to Audiovisability 12 noon, Sat 5 Dec 2020, SQUARE-Eye Festival

Ruth Montgomery will talk about her work ‘Audiovisibility’ and how to make music accessible for Deaf audiences. using performance and visual art. Deaf Explorer is excited to invite Ruth to present her work and past projects and to talk about her next big projects: Calypso and Two Hearts, The Ballet of Dressage and Music.

2021 is a big year for Ruth Montgomery as she will be working in Barbados and Japan as well as organising a concert with Evelyn Glennie and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. This event will be presented in British Sign Language with BSL Interpretation.

Photo by Stephen Llife Arlington Arts Centre Nadia Nadarajah & Rachel Gadsden

MAGIC OF THE EAST: BY WASEEM KOTOUB, a contemporary Arabic score for flute and strings

Ruth Montgomery describes an ‘Audiovisibility’ project at Arlington Arts Centre 14th January 2017, “I wanted to see how classical music and contemporary music differ in visual terms.  I was fortunate that Waseem Kotoub of the British Council in Qatar, also a professional pianist, musician and composer himself wrote ‘Magic of the East’ for flute and string quartet.  Upon playing and analysing the music, Waseem’s use of traditional ideas changes 5 times throughout the piece.  This is clearly reflected in Omeima’s textiles, and she has incorporated traditional Arabic designs and calligraphy in her work.”

BSL Interpreted