Mark Smith, Deaf Men Dancing: PROGRESS SCORE 1.15 pm, Sat 5 Dec, square-eye festival

Deaf Explorer will screen a recording of Mark Smith’s Progress score with his ensemble, Deaf Men Dancing. Performed at the Greenwich Performs Festival in 2019 with original music composed by Chris Bartholomew (Ad Infinitum, Deafinatly Theatre).

London, UK. 09.10.19. Deaf Men Dancing present “Time”, a triple bill of work, comprising “Hear! Hear!”, “TEN” and “The Progress Score”, as part of Greenwich Performs, at Laban Theatre, Greenwich, on the 9th and 10th October. The piece shown is: The Progress Score, choreographed by Mark Smith. Lighting design is by Jonathan Samuels, with costume design by DMD. The dancers are: ‘Liam’ – Joseph Porton ‘George’ – Joseph Fletcher ‘Dennis ‘ – Aaron Rahn ‘Kyle’ – Joshua Kyle-Cantrill. Photograph © Jane Hobson.

The Progress Score 25 mins


Also at 7.30 PM, SUN 6 DEC,

Mark Smith

“There is a generation of deaf children whose needs are being ignored and who are being left behind in their education.”
Mark Smith was inspired by a story about a deaf boy in Ireland who struggled in education because he didn’t receive support due to the government’s service cuts. There’s a serious issue that young deaf children are falling behind in education and are being failed by the education system. Also, Mark was inspired to incorporate Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) into the choreography.


Choreographer – Mark Smith

Dancers/Collaborators – 

‘Liam’ – Joseph Porton

‘George’ – Joseph Fletcher

‘Dennis ‘ – Aaron Rahn

‘Kyle’ – Joshua Kyle-Cantrill

Composer – Chris Bartholomew

Costume Designer – DMD

Lighting – Jonathan Samuels

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PHOTOS “The progress score” Deaf Men Dancing, Laban Theatre Greenwich Performs 2019. Photography by Jane Hobson