During these difficult times, Rinkoo Barpaga received a commission from Creative Black Country to represent the unique cultural perspective of Deaf people living in the Black Country that is embedded in our language of BSL.

Tanvir: “My experience of the coronavirus lockdown has been that it has completely changed my life.” 

Michael: “During lockdown I haven’t left the house at all, to go out for a walk or anything. I have just been at home for three months. I feel like I’m in prison.”

Jayne: “The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on me. I have reflected on what has changed, how life has changed, and how the whole world has changed.” 

Sean: “It was a huge relief to finally use sign language properly again, and I desperately needed it. Once the pub closed, we all went out and stood under a street light and carried on chatting for hours! That’s what the Deaf community is all about.” 

All the videos have subtitles. You can watch them on facebook.