Brilliant – Finn describes his First Video Conference call

Meeting began with discussion about current situation (Covid 19) and impact on project.


Recommended continuing with the development process with same objectives and outcomes. This was agreed.  Later the discussion separated the development process from the presentation process to audiences – that would be affected by Covid 19, so the team could focus on the development r of the project.


proposed developing a Mobile version for iPad


Posed question – How can we change what we doing.  How can we adapt, we are adapting to Finn’s disability, similarly we can about to the virus, it is not a difficulty. We can report on the adaptation we will make.


Covid 19 is something we have to prepare for, to make the whole project future proof. 


Until we almost finish project the route is the same.


It is successful the online meeting ?


Yes, Brilliant,


When we advance the project and bring the elements together will be more tricky to test remotely with Finn online.

Meeting ends

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Finn pioneered the use of motion capture technology to animate British Sign Language. Founded Dead Media films. Finn now wants to be a pioneer in haptic art.