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3M Maths, Movement and Music
Studio R&D October 2019, Union Theatre

Mark&Alan Turing Statue Manchester
Mark Smith, with sculpture of Alan Turing  near Canal Street, Manchester

I am exploring something new in my work as a choreographer. Using Alan Turing as inspiration; it has been a different method of working for me as a choreographer. When researching Turing’s machine; I was getting inside Alan Turing head as if he is the choreographer or director. Asking myself, what would he do, what would he do as a director?  how would he create a dance production? I found this to be a very unique way of working as a choreographer and director. I have learnt a lot. I am not a math’s person; it is not my strong point! By using books about Alan Turing, I have learnt so much about math’s. My interest in math’s has grown so much. I now have a lot of respect for Math’s work; the theory of it.  Now my view of choreography has changed so much. 

Documentary Promo by Ben Simmons about 3M Studio R&D in October 2019

Studio R&D February 2019

Turing’s Law

During the R&D of Turing’s Law, I was supported by Opening Doors a charity supporting older LGBT people. In February 2019 Mark Smith interviewed Gay men, who experienced life in Britain after partial decriminalisation in 1967. In 2009,  British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an Official public apology on behalf of the British government for “the appalling way he was treated.” The collaboration with Opening Doors  resulted in a sharing of the Hut 8 R&D at Studio Voltaire in February 2019 and Tate late in April 2019. GSV in the dance performance made an emotional connection to an LGBT audience. They loved the GSV and laughed. I found out that the GSV was really funny and that it really works in the choreography. I want to do more of that. I normally use Sign language in my choreography so GSV is a new language for me to put in my choreography.  

Studio R&D September 2018

Turing’s Machine

In Turing’s Machine, Mark Smith is inspired by the algorithms Turing devised, ” I have learnt so much through the support of the dancers surrounding me. I brought Alan Turing books to the dance studio, each book had post it notes highlighting illustrations of formulas and diagrams of machines. Together we had to work out, how does Alan Turing’s machine work. And how to recreate it in a physical way. I struggle to comprehend when reading about Turing’s machines in a book,  but to see it visually with the dancers was really helpful.  It made sense to me. It was much more clear for me as choreographer choreographing Turing’s bomb machine. I found during this R&D the technical way I would involve dancers to represent the bomb code breaking machine in HUT 8 Production. During the R&D week for Turing’s Machine I worked each day with Audio Describer William Elliot. Now het understands the process I will invite him to Audio Describe Hut 8 Production.”

Studio R&D August 2018
Turing Letter

Choreographer Mark Smith fictionalises Turing using Polari the code language of gay men before the legalisation of Homosexuality. In his 2018 R&D Mark collaborated with Daryl Jackson to mix Polari with Gay Sign Variation (GSV), to reveal Turing Letter a two hander, that also incorporates Turing’s visual and systematic methods for remembering ideas.

“During Turing’s letter I collaborated with Daryl Jackson who worked with me on the translation of BSL of the letter Alan  Turing wrote to the mother of Christopher Morcom, following his sudden & early death. In the Studio working with the dancers I found the translation of words into a visual form to be a very strong idea. GSV Gay Sign Variation is connected to Polari a secret language used by gay men in the 50’s and 60’s.  I’ve used BSL in my choreography before. In Hut 8 production I will use Gay Sign Variation which is a new exciting language for me to incorporate into my choreography. Polari & GSV is a language that died out when homosexuality became legal in 1967. “