Ruth Montgomery Freestyle Dressage

Find out how composer and musician Ruth Montgomery is using her Audiovisability project to collaborate with musicians, visual  artists and technical experts to support Para Equestrian Laurentia Tan to live her dream and win a Gold medal at Japan’s 2020 Olympics. Laurentia’s Dressage performance at the trials in Keysoe (pictured above) prove all going to plan!

Audio visibility  is founded by and artistically led by Deaf Musician Ruth Montgomery.
Projects by Audio visibility connect all the senses to music by employing the skills of a range of visual artists, performing artists, musicians and technology experts manufacturing vibrio tactile and haptic equipment.One outcome, of many for audiences and participants; is that the creative process enable’s  Deaf people to understand all the aspects of music and get involved in music events.Ruth Montgomery  creates music projects for a range of artists to collaborate. For the Dressage R & D, Ruth collaborated with musician and composer Evelyn Glennie, Composer Tom Hunt,  Visual artist Melissa Mostyn and to support her access to the delivery of the project Film-maker Louis Neethling. The Dressage R&D confirmed the principal theories of Audio visibility. Dressage was the conduit that transformed all the  Audio Visibility theories into practice giving  a coherent purpose to all involved, importantly to the non arts based partners: the Singapore Equestrian team and Sub pac the vibrio tactile company.Involving Deaf Para Equestrian Laurentia Tan, moves Audio visibility on by leaps and bounds because Laurentia  presents robust and real problems to solve by Ruth’s  artistic team, moving Audio Visibility away from describing what it is like to listen to music,  to actively  involving the collaborating artistic team to remove the barriers for Laurentia so she can improve her performance in Olympic competition and overcome her disadvantage due to her deafness.Here’s the back ground and context Laurentia’s problem. deaf Para equestrienne Laurentia Tan has never heard the music that she uses to train with her horse and for competition.  She relies on the Sign Language interpreter letting her know when the music has begun. Before Ruth Montgomery’s artistic intervention on the Olympic sport of Dressage Laurentia  had no say, control or involved in music decision making. She would live in the hope that her routine would match the timing and length of the music. Ruth has boosted significantly how Laurentia relies on hearing people to inform her and describe the sounds of music by increasing the expertise involved and bringing to the sport use of vibrio tactile and haptic technology.
During the R & D Ruth Montgomery Is driven by her unique experience as a successful deaf musician and music teacher, In 2019 one of her students is shortlist for BBC young musician of the year. Ruth’s aim is to  implement the theory that music is possible to grasp for many deaf people.   The creative ethos through out the R & D was to share, create and work with others. This opened up many new connections with partners, exciting new artistic gaols and the need for the development of new technology and adaptations that will be explored in the next stage of project, that all of the partners want to invest time, cash and support.


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