Deaf Dancer Billy Read and Deaf poet Raymond Antrobus in Tetonic event created for Deaf Audiences in Doncaster

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PULSE on 23 November, part of Tetonic event at Doncaster Minster from 22-27 November.

Name of Event: Pulse

Date: 23rd November 2019

Who: Poet Raymond Antrobus & Dancers Billy Read & Ariel Fung

Time: 6pm – 9 pm

Location map: Doncaster Minster

Saturday  early evening 6  pm – 9 pm activities all welcome workshops and performance, refreshments.

A special performance event on Saturday 23 November when Deaf poet Raymond Antrobus who won the Ted Hughes award for Poetry in 2018, will perform alongside local writers.

Deb Pugh

That will be followed by a totally unique performance by Deaf Explorer dance artist Billy Read of “We are the Revolution” based on a series of workshops, in collaboration with Deborah Pugh, a Movement artist.

Billy and his team will transform the Minster into a night club and create an atmosphere for their street dance performance.

Billy Read and his Team are rehearsing at XP school in Doncaster, giving the pupils an insight and experience into making a new dance commission.


Tickets for the poetry and dance performance evening on the 23rd November are available from November 4 by visiting:

Doncaster Minister

‘Tetonic’ will then be open to the public on Saturday 23 November from 8pm-10pm and then on Sunday 24 – Wednesday 27 November from 4pm-9pm. Tickets are not needed for these sessions.

Doncaster Minister is set to be turned into an audio-visual experience for Deaf people for six days in November.
The centre piece of this year’s DN Festival will be an audio-visual piece called ‘Tetonic’, bespoke to Doncaster Minster that uses 3-D light mapping and projection techniques.
Tetonic, using the light projections will be a totally immersive experience covering the ceiling and walls of the iconic Minister building. Created by NOVAK, working with artist Ed Carter, and commissioned by Right Up Our Street, the piece aims to encourage Yorkshire’s Deaf community to experience and get more involved in the arts.
NOVAK are a creative studio producing innovative and ambitious art and design projects, specialising in motion design and immersive experiences, encompassing projection mapping, art and museum installations, stage visuals for music artists and video accompaniments for theatre and dance performances.
Sally Lockey, project director at Right Up Our Street said: “We are so excited to be bringing this bespoke event to Doncaster.
“We’ve worked closely with Doncaster Deaf Trust and Communication Specialist College Doncaster to develop an event that their Deaf students, staff and their families will all be able to enjoy.”
The event, which runs from November 22 to November 27, will be an exciting experience for all visitors.
“Normally people think about accessibility for Deaf people after events have been developed.”
This event has been developed with Deaf people at the forefront of our minds. It will be accessible and enjoyable for all audiences, hearing or Deaf.
“Using 3D mapping and projection techniques visitors to the Minster will be immersed in this light led experience covering the ceiling and walls of the iconic building,” added Sally.
For more information, please visit

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