Rinkoo Barpaga attracts a diverse audience to his performance

“Love how you add humour into sad story”

“Rinkoo told his story with an engaging mix of humour, characterisation and first-person narrative. Really Effective, Really Enjoyable.”

“It is visual – flowed from one story to the next. You had a theme running through that linked your experiences”

–  Audience feedback

On the 5th December Rinkoo Barpaga presented a taster of his new solo performance “Made in India Britain”, 32 BSL sign language users attended the show, 21 from diverse backgrounds. Out of the 13 women that attended 8 were from diverse communities, similar figures with the men in the audiences, It was also a young audience.

“Your story is amazing”

“Can relate to childhood experience regarding deaf in mainstream school”

“Like the representation of deaf different background experience in Uk”

“Like the movement with body language and facial expression”

About “Made in India Britain”

Since leaving home in Birmingham, Rinkoo Barpaga has moved around England a lot, determined to find somewhere to settle. Along the way, he has encountered both racism and discrimination, and as a result he has been constantly asking himself the question, “where do I belong?” A British born sikh with strong family ties in India, Rinkoo discovered at the age of three that not only was he required to tick the box, ‘ethnic minority,’ but also the box, ‘Deaf.'”

Made In India / Britain is an insight into one man’s life as he tries to fathom out exactly who he is and where he belongs, as he delves deep into past experiences to try and find clues which will ultimately help him realise his true self and a home he can finally call home.

“I really enjoyed his performance, I think this really amazing to share, about his life. His performance had helped and impacted about life”

“It was about your life. The good and the bad”

Rinkoo Barpaga’s presented Made In India/Britain, as part of Foundry Festival in November 2018 at The Birmingham REP. He has interest in booking the show from Attenborough Arts Centre,  Home in Manchester, Derby Theatre and is booked by Camden Peoples Theatre for Sprint Festival in February 2018.

If you want to book the performance in 2019, please contact Deaf Explorer


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