The outcomes of the visual artists event organised by Deaf Explorer on 17 November 2018, 

  • Everyone wanted to meet again.
    Everyone wanted to learn more about G. (the hearing speaker)
    Learn more about concepts and ideas for change.
    G. presented new systems and processes for people to work together.
    G. was full with jargon, that was unpacked.
    All agreed that understanding the terms for working together 
    was key to create change and bring about successful outcomes with ease.

Artists told their stories.  We learnt about the issues facing Deaf Artists and how it is one of the remaining challenges for equality. We found solutions: 

  • Delay – A facebook group so that Deaf Artists can help each other and learn more about each other’s skills, ambitions and artwork.
  • Network – with the incentive for Deaf Artists to work collaboratively and use each other’s skills
  • Space – To meet again,  gather around ideas, allow ideas to flourish and grow, and afterwards gain resources to make them happen
  • Self-determination – Agreement that Deaf Artists take responsibility for increasing work opportunities by working collectivity to make a difference and reduce isolation.

On November 17, the need of Deaf artists working in the visual arts was defined. A new user-led group was formed, and Deaf explorer will help the group to grow. A template was made for a new user-led CIO (Community Interest Organisation) that will benefit all Deaf people and bring public benefit by increasing participation and involvement by Deaf people, simply because it is led by Deaf people, (with hearing allies)

Events like this make Deaf Artists stronger. We gave Deaf artists a platform to tell their stories.  Our aim in the future is to better inform the hearing and disability world so they can improve how they define and decide Deaf peoples access to culture and society. We hope to enable Deaf artists to be trainers so the Arts can continue to improve access for Deaf people.

Video of presentation with BSL by joining private Delay Facebook group