John Finn

Visual artist John Finn is a recipient of Dash Mentoring project called Cultivate for disabled artists in the West Midlands. His Mentor is David Prytherch PhD, FHEA, HFGE; a glass engraver/sculptor who after physical injury is exploring haptic (touch) interfaces to create multisensory digital art. Finn is profoundly Deaf. He studied filmmaking at the London International Film School. With his passion for story-telling, he studied a Masters in computer animation, pioneering the use of motion capture technology so characters use British Sign Language. He directed, a film for Deaf children called “The Long Knife” won Best Non-Narrative Film in 2007 at Deaf Fest, Deaf-Led Film & Arts Festival. In 2014 his company “Dead Creative” made an award-winning documentary called, “The Big Decisions” about the decisions parent of Deaf children must make.

Watch “The Big Decisions on BSL ZONE

  • Award | Festival2015 | Second Prize | Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival, Texas, USA
  • Award |2016 | Best Short Film | LA Disability Film Festival, USA

Finn was also born with a degenerative eye condition, in 2011 he was diagnosed with Optic Atrophy (a condition where the nerve endings within the eyes are dying and leads to permanent sight loss) and colourblindness and was registered blind.John Finn is making drawings, collage, metal etch prints, ink painting and is currently experimenting with glass fusion. His work is vibrant and bold due to his limited vision.