We are delighted that Rinkoo Barpaga has received amazing reviews for his performances at Soho theatre, London in June 2023


Interview with Rinkoo Barpaga by Lucy Basaba at theatre full stop
A story. A stage. A spotlight. And a chair. Sometimes that is all it takes to bring an audience to tears. Continue reading the 5 star review by Emma (@Emmaaaaa2) Adventures in Theatreland

Rinkoo Barpaga’s story is so timely and important, shedding light on the best and worst of our society, all whilst finding the subtle joys in life as we all seek to find our home. Read more at Longstaff Reviews who has shared a 3-star review.

The story is compelling and poignant, yet laced within the pathos is plenty of humour. Subtle staging choices from director Tyrone Huggins both compliment and contrast Barpaga’s dynamic performance. A minimalist black box format ensures that all focus remains on the narrative. Continue reading the review by Prashant Kansara at Disability arts online

Made in I̶n̶d̶i̶a̶ Britain is a truthful portrayal of how it feels to make discoveries in your community and in yourself when you grow up navigating the world differently. The Theatre Flyer has published a wonderful 5-star review of the show on instagram.

Attending the compelling production of “Made in India Britain” at the Soho Theatre was a touching and (at times) emotionally challenging experience. It delved deep into the complexities of identity, ableism, and racism. It was evident that this show’s aim was no easy feat, ambitiously tackling a multitude of themes while artfully presenting a life story that resonates with audiences in just 65 minutes. What I ended up seeing was a small solo show that packed a punch. Read more at West End Evenings has shared a 4-star review.

Is there a more beautiful and expressive language than British Sign Language (BSL)? The Romance languages have their melodic charms, and English has its moments. But BSL can engage and emote in ways other languages cannot – even for those of us disabled by our limited knowledge of its vocabulary, syntax, and idiom. Read more at Plays to See has published a 4-star review

Cultured Swines has shared their review of the show.

Seeing Rinkoo Barpaga tell his story was a unique experience with a unique audience, while being familiar and open to all. Highly recommend you catch this tour in October 2023:

Norwich Theatre (Norwich) on 1st October, Brixton House (London) on 4th to 6th October Key Theatre (Peterborough) on 7th October and concludes at the Belgrade Theatre (Coventry) on 9th to 11th October.