Friday, March 10, 2023

Performance “Cog in the Wheel” 

Venue: Algiers Opera House at 6:30 pm 

Cog in the wheel is a street dance performance conceptualised by self-taught dancer, and teacher Billy Read. The piece is choreographed & performed by Def Motion, a mixture of deaf and hearing dancers. This is a work in progress, designed to tour outdoor festivals and events. 

Cog in the Wheel explores themes of living in a capitalist society, the rise of communication technology and our perceived self-worth. The dancers are not characters with stories and personalities but are gears in a machine. They are a means to creating a product that can generate revenue.

Performers: Warren Hugh Murray, Kameel Adam Williams-Myrie, Ben Craig Randall and the lead artist Billy Read.

Performers : Jason Michael Drew Read, Rachael Tamon Veazey, Warren Hugh Murray, Kameel Adam Williams-Myrie and Ben Craig Randall

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