Deaf Explorer are pleased to have supported Deaf artist, musician, sign language user and Artistic Director of Audiovisability, Ruth Montgomery, who brings together music, technology, performance, and the visual arts in her practice.

Deaf Explorer helped produce Audiovisability’s Two Hearts – a specially designed performance challenging the myths around deafness and music.

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About Audiovisability 

Audiovisability creates opportunities for deaf artists and utilises their skills. It is an experimental space that aims to bring Deaf people into the world of music.

Founded by Ruth Montgomery, her Deaf leadership encourages artists to collaborate and work across disciplines from a d/Deaf perspective. Ruth’s artistic process is always collaborative; it pushes boundaries and shapes new ideas whilst having the added value of making music accessible to children with wide range of disabilities as well as giving hearing children the opportunity to understand music.

Ruth Montgomery at the Two Hearts Concert, CBSO Centre, Birmingham. Photograph by Graeme Braidwood ©

Ruth Is an award winning music teacher and her deafness means she has learnt to play and compose music in a different way. Ruth is always pioneering new ways to teach and involve people in music, establishing a pedagogy, that celebrates her life long enquiry into making music more accessible.

Through Audiovisability, Ruth can deliver her vision whilst still focussing on national and international charitable objectives. Audiovisability is active in the use of technology and is attracting support from tech companies seeking to deepen users experience of music using haptics and vibrio tactile technology.

To learn more about Ruth and her Charity Audiovisability, please visit