Rinkoo Barpaga: Recorded Live at CRYSTAL PALACE, 8.15 pm, Thu, 3 Dec 2, SQUARE-EYE FESTIVAL

Rinkoo performing in a red long-sleeve t-shirt
Rinkoo Barpaga

SQUARE-EYE FESTIVAL 8.15 pm Thu, 3 Dec 2020

A recording of Rinkoo’s live performance from Crystal Palace Festival 2020 will be broadcast on Deaf Explorer’s facebook and youtube channel.

Rinkoo creates solo performances, exploring identity, Deafness and racism. He incorporates a very physical style of storytelling, embodying over 50 different characters in each show. His storytelling is humorous and engaging, but doesn’t fail to stop an audience in their tracks with a well-timed observation of a moment of injustice or discrimination.  Rinkoo performs in his first language, British Sign Language and is simultaneously translated into spoken English by performance Interpreter, Kam Deo.

Birmingham born Rinkoo Barpaga has moved around a lot trying to find somewhere to finally settle. Required to both tick the box, ‘ethnic minority,’ but also ‘Deaf’ he has been forced to constantly ask the question, “where do I belong?”

This is an extract from Rinkoo’s solo production: Made In India/Britain and is an insight into one man’s life as he tries to fathom out exactly who he is as he delves deep into past experiences to try and find clues which will help him settle in his present and find a place he can finally call home. 

Written by Rinkoo Barpaga

Directed by Daniel Bailey

BSL Interpreted