David Ellington presents: PERMISSION TO SPEAK, 8.30pm, Fri 4 Dec, 2020, watch On deaf explorer facebook page SQUARE-EYE FESTIVAL

Commissioned by DaDa festival International, Deaf Explorer commissioned 6 Deaf artists to talk about discrimination and privilege. Comedy writer & actor, Ben Rufus Green, provides a translation for each Deaf artist. The work shows the ‘Deaf Explorer’ collective’s beliefs that “Deaf artists are not just one homogeneous Deaf culture, they always intersect with other kinds of cultural identity”.

Artists David Ellington, Sahera Khan, Matty Gurney, Ishtiaq Hussain and Leigh Blake will share their thoughts about the permission to speak videos and what it was like to have a ‘cowboy interpreter’ translating for them. This event will be live on zoom with audience Q&A. Book on Eventbrite – link below.

Permission To Speak is a series of 6 short videos and will be broadcast as part of DaDa Fest: Translations, International Online Festival.

Link to Q&A with BSL interpreter 7:30pm Monday 30 November on Dadafest website