Deaf Explorer Producers of Two Hearts

Ruth Montgomery is collaborating with CBSO musicians to improve their education practice for deaf young people and deaf audiences . Ruth will take them to Braidwood school for the Deaf, where they will experiment with the same vibrio tactile technology & composition that Deaf para equestrian Laurentia Tan is using to compete in the Dressage 2020 Olympics. Musician Evelyn Glennie will join Ruth & CBSO musicians for a performance that will use live streaming to bring the horse ballet of dressage to visualise the music for deaf children wearing sub pacs. Arts Council England have funded a live stream to schools across England so that deaf children can participate in the event at CBSO. Deaf explorer are currently networking with schools with Deaf Resource units and are gaining an enthusiastic response from teachers for projects led by deaf artists. It’s a project with many area’s of interest and opportunities for involvement. For more information about Ruth Montgomery’s Dressage R&D and a video

Ruth Montgomery’s Arts Council Funded R&D made music more accessible for Deaf para equestrian Laurentia Tan.