Blown away, thank you Rinkoo for your powerful and gripping story

photographer Pawel Gawronski

If you would like to watch Rinkoo Barpaga’s online version of his performance Made In India Britain at Crystal Palace Festival on catch up, you can do that here:

Made In India Britain
Since leaving home in Birmingham, Rinkoo Barpaga has moved around England a lot, determined to find somewhere to settle. Along the way, he has encountered both racism and discrimination, and as a result he has been constantly asking himself the question, “where do I belong?” A British born, Rinkoo discovered at the age of three that not only was he required to tick the box, ‘ethnic minority,’ but also the box, ‘Deaf.’

Made In India  Britain is an insight into one man’s life as he tries to fathom out exactly who he is and where he belongs, as he delves deep into past experiences to try and find clues which will ultimately help him realise his true self and a home he can finally call home.

Rinkoo Barpaga ready to bring his dynamic style of story telling to online festivals around the UK, go ahead and contact deaf explorer.