Maral Mamaghanizadeh commissioned by ArtReach and Journeys Festival International

In August 2020, Maral was commissioned to make a digital sharing of her Arts Council England funded R&D, making fine bone china jewellery to be worn over the ears.

Working with local Birmingham film maker, Sima Gonsai and Chris Bartholomew (Deaf Explorer’s ‘go to’ sound designer) Maral has created a performance film introducing Maral’s experience of Deafness and jewellery making, her artistic practise and becoming a political refugee due to the nature of her artwork.

Working with moving image was a natural next step for Maral who has a passion for using her jewellery for storytelling and inviting an audience to step into her deaf world.

Deaf Explorer have been delighted to support Maral throughout the commission and can’t wait for audiences to see Maral’s film.

Join Maral online at the festival 5th October – 11th October where she will share three films – how she sees the world as a Deaf, female refugee, an introduction to her art film and the film itself.

As Maral often says; “If you want to be alive…read my lips.”

Watch the full film below


Photo credit: Chris Wight (