Rinkoo Barpaga supported Billy Read and Ariel Fung to create a filmed sequence for Billy Read’s Arts Council Funded R&D project, ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ in 2018 and then in 2019 Rinkoo again supported Billy Read to develop this work as part of Billy’s performance at Frontline Dance Festival in Stoke.


Rinkoo Barpaga collaborated with Deaf Dancer Billy Read to make a film for his Dance Theatre trilogy. Billy Read is a profoundly Deaf street dancer; with something to say about inequality, privacy & human rights.

Forbidden Identity a vision that opens Bily Read’s Dance Performance Forbidden Identity by Rinkoo Barpaga
Drone Movie set in Billy Read’s Dystopian future. Deaf people rebel and challenge a ban on sign language. 

“Blown away, thank you Rinkoo for your powerful and gripping story”. 

Rinkoo recently performed for camera his unique style of story telling for the online Crystal Palace Festival on August 15 2020