Finn wants to be a pioneer in haptic art. Finn will explore “Beauty is in the hand of the beholder?” and develop prototype’s for the making of a human sized fish tank. The Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) are the TECH partner eager to find out more, with Finn’s guidance

After briefing, DMLL staff research and planning since June 2019, Finn reports on his first day in the TECH at Coventry University…

“Head wearing goggles.. which I had reservations of.. I just don’t like wearing headwears. He strapped a headwear on my head.. suddenly… I saw the “Ävatar Movie” like world of the fishes against the real world environment. It is a mixture of real world and animation..  It is f****** WOW.. I don’t swear.. but it is F****** WOW !
I suddenly felt calm, soothing… floating… That is exactly how I visualised as a concept. I could not put it in the right words. I did not known that sort of thing does existed. This is way up my street big time.
It was a out of body experience..

Unlimited has commissioned the research.