Rinkoo explored isolation in the Deaf community and brought this an R&D using his concept for Bubble and Butch as a starting point.

Stephen Collins who is a highly successful Deaf actor, describes the week in a rehearsal studio in Derby with Rinkoo Barpaga. Studio provided with in kind support from Artist development for Derby Theatre “In good company

DYCP allowed Rinkoo Barpaga to make a Deaf led space where Deaf actors could test out Urban Sign Language in the Rehearsal Studio. Stephen Collins who is a highly successful Deaf actor, says “We have three Deaf actors, a Deaf Director and an Interpreter who knows about the Deaf community. It’s never really the Deaf voice that leads the story, so this very fresh and very different. It’s about Deaf experiences, and sharing our experiences in the rehearsal room. Saying my back ground is very different from your background, but we all have the same values.  We are talking about communication and it’s about the Deaf Voice. The Deaf voice is very very different to the hearing voice.  I have been talking about this with Rinkoo about how we can show the Deaf voice and Deaf experience on stage. I think mainstream are desperate for a Deaf voice, but I think we haven’t perhaps achieved that so much yet. I think this project “Bubble and Butch” finally is the Deaf voice. Rinkoo’s a visual director who wants to talk about Deaf isolation and Mental health, that are prevalent, but also taboo in the Deaf Community. It’s a Deaf voice and strong Deaf Led project. This week has been a really interesting research and development. Sometimes I get really frustrated with projects. I just want the Deaf voice. And I just want it to be about the deaf process. And this week has been exactly that.