Finn reports on his night in London!  Recovering from the Private Viewing of Outside In..What shocks me was the sheer size of the exhibition.. The noise was deafened.. The size was huge.

I admit, I was overwhelmed by this.. and the imposter syndrome kicked in big time. Walking around in daze, Victoria my wife being “half full” kind of person was very gushing and embracing all this;  while me being cynical, dismissing and questioning about why my work was selected,  after seeing another amazing art work.. It was viciously confusing..
I was pretty desperate to drink myself silly to relax, I couldn’t find the drink department !
Before leaving to catch the train back home.. I went to my art work to say “goodbye”. I looked at my work, I turned around to see where Victoria was then I turned around back to my work, the red dot appeared. A shock hit me. I staggered around thinking where and when did that happen? Who had just stuck the dot on ?.. Who was the buyer ?.. Was it a she or a he and close by? Should I say “thank you “to the buyer.. It was chaotic confusing.. Thinking about my future as an artist..I know I am still “new” in this artworld..but excited to show my art work more.