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Rinkoo Barpaga was funded by Arts Council England to explore:

Deaf people and stories from the indian subcontinent

Over this time in 2018, Rinkoo Barpaga was on The Birmingham REP’s Foundry for emerging theatre makers in the West Midlands. Rinkoo set out to tell the story of South Asian Deaf living in Britain. He has done this with his new play. He has created a monologue. The title “Made in India Britain” The play lasts 1 hour 10 minutes. The play was directed by Daniel Bailey, who is now Associate Director of Bush Theatre London. Rinkoo was mentored by playwright Andrew Muir. The play was written using a process that involved Writer Andrew Muir and Director Daniel Bailey.

The project benefited Rinkoo immensely. For example, Rinkoo was not sure that audiences would be interested in the darker side of his life, Rinkoo would never expose his bad experiences in a stand up comedy performance.  The impact on audiences resulting from Rinkoo’s courage, are shown in feedback form audiences.

“Your story is amazing”

“I really enjoyed his performance, I think this really amazing to share, about his life. His performance had helped and impacted about life”

“It was about your life. The good and the bad”

“Can relate to childhood experience regarding deaf in mainstream school”


Rinkoo’s  courage on stage has given him confidence to explore a making a new play called  “Chocolat” A two-hander symbolic of Institutional Racism & Deaf discrimination, inspired by French Black clown Rafael Padilla. Rinkoo applied to China Plate First Bite and presented a scratch at Derby Theatre in March 2019.

The origin of this new work is in the Made In India research, Dr Paddy Ladd supported Rinkoo to understand the international history of Deaf Discrimination. He learnt about Colonisation, The Milan conference and Oralism. The French sign for Colonialism is the hand over the mind and the heart. Rinkoo first R&D week for Made In India was inspired by these meetings with Dr Paddy Ladd. Also worked with actor Stephen Collins as Rinkoo’s Creative Enabler on this first week of R&D.  Together they are making Deaf led theatre and they now have a strong working relationship after the two of them worked together on “Chocolat” for the First Bite scratch.

During the making of Made in India Rinkoo Barpaga met Cory Campbell director of Strictly Arts in Coventry. They discussed the topics of Made in India.  Rinkoo invited Cory Campbell to direct the week of R&D for the First Bite Scratch night.

The impact of Made in India for Rinkoo Barpaga is that he now has a far greater understanding of the theatre making process, and his role as author, writer, theatre maker, artistic director. This demonstrated by the success of new work like “Chocolat” and working with Director Cory Campbell. In 2019 Rinkoo was invited by IETM (International network for contemporary performing arts) to present a key note speech in Italy about Deaf access to Theatre. It was highly successful because Rinkoo was able to demonstrate the need for change by presenting the creative case – a sequence from Made in India, a high quality piece of new theatre by a Deaf diverse artist.

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