On Wednesday, 26 September Billy Read, Ariel Fung & Chris Fonseca presented Sign criminal


  1. Royal Derby school for Deaf
  2. Braidwood school
  3. BID services youth group
  4. An audience of Deaf and hearing people in Birmingham at Signing Tree, Ladywood

The activity was funded by Arts Council England

Find out what people thought of the outcome of Billy Read’s Research and Development…

All feedback forms ticked excellent

Rob Punton, Disability poet and consultant said, “I don’t know sign language but I understood every moment of the performance. It was powerful and emotional.”

Rinkoo Barpaga Chair of Deaf Explorer says, “I am very impressed. The story is definitely so unique. Mixed of storytelling and dancing are really interesting. Also, I could see the audiences really enjoy it. This is a new generations of Deaf people who were interesting in musical”

Sonny Nwachukwu, Trainee Producer at Unlimited says, “I truly believe that the dance show appealed to young Deaf people, I looked around and saw the smiles, the interest and the eagerness from everyone but especially the youngen’s. It actually got me really emotional at one stage as I saw the inspiration.”

Comments about dance performance blending sign language and street dance

  • Very impressed
  • 3 performers worked really well together
  • Timing  was fantastic
  • Dancing was inspired
  • Love the ideas that they put together
  • Really impressive they did it in eight days
  • Facial expression and body movement really put trade the character and scenes fantastic
  • I loved the performance
  • I like the events so much I’ve enjoyed here
  • Love storyline plot characterisations
  • Very clear scene to scene
  • Movement expression very clear
  • I have very limited BSL knowledge and I understand it all
  • Brilliant use of sound and film to add to the storytelling atmosphere tension
  • Wonderful dancing and impact on children
  • I liked that you raised and explored some issues that our kids have all will face in the world. I think the integration of live music was cool and could be explored further
  • I like the storyline each episode is very relatable being a deaf person
  • Story was very clear
  • Could that be a more child-friendly simple story for schools – I fully understood that some children, especially in our school, had very limited life experiences
  • I would hundred percent want to watch the full show
  • The dances are fantastic
  • The first and third story was excellent and very moving
  • Relates to our students
  • Also some of the students are from deaf families so maybe consider that for full version
  • My favourite was the first scene very powerful
  • Like story and I love it
  • Yes, I love it yes I fully understand all of it
  • I like the beats
  • It was all good well done
  • It was really visual, I like it a lot,
  • Very enjoyable to watch
  • Thought it was for provoking, gave a great insight into Deaf  issues
  • True representation of family communication difficulties
  • Accessible creative innovative teenagers will love it, can’t wait to see more, parent seen – really powerful
  • Want to see more!
  • Great shows the importance of the family to understand between hearing and Deaf
  • I like the performance and looks like VV