May 2018 Press Release


Deaf Explorer announce,

Five awards of funding from Arts Council England for Deaf Artists!
In 2018 Deaf Explorer continue to build their track record of removing barriers and meeting the needs of Deaf artists.

Success in 2018 for Deaf Explorer

January 2018

  • Deaf Explorer Award from Arts Council England:  Organisational Development

This grant will support Deaf Explorer to research Non profit Legal Structures and identify and recruit governance:

Our unique skills enable Deaf artists to access the funded arts sector. This organisational development grant will deliver our plan to change the artistic lives of more Deaf artists; disadvantaged because of communication and language barriers. We will do this by transforming our unincorporated group into a legal entity with improved governance and financial expertise so we can be sustainable by supporting social enterprise, receive public funding & charitable/private giving.

February 2018

  • Rinkoo Barpaga Award from Arts Council England: R & D Made in India Britain
Rinkoo Barpaga

Rinkoo Barpaga is a talented and innovative artist, who uses British Sign Language; who successfully applied to Foundry at Birmingham REP. He will R & D a monologue about his experience as a Deaf Indian male living in Britain. His passion & creativity is capturing the interest of The Rep Theatre Birmingham, Attenborough Centre Leicester, Punch Records & Unlimited. His work is pioneering and is bringing in a community that has otherwise been marginalised from mainstream theatre and comedy. Rinkoo is ambitious and his work touches a wide audience both in the deaf community and beyond and he is able to bring these two worlds together imaginatively.

April 2018

  • Mark Smith Award from Arts Council England: R & D Hut 8

The R&D by choreographer Mark Smith is inspired by Mathematician Alan Turing. Mark will explore the artistic side of Turing with four different ideas.   He will bring together Maths, Movement and Music. By learning about Mathematics he will bring Turing’s scientific language into dance. By collaborating with sign language expert he will learn how to show the emotion of Turing’s poetic writing. By working with leading dancers he will devise choreography that shows the inspiration for Turing’s machine, that of his first love Christopher Marcom & use verbatim theatre style to describe discrimination in the sixties and the impact of Turings law (pardon) on the lives of older gay men. In 2009,  British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an Official public apology on behalf of the British government for “the appalling way he was treated.” 

  • John Finn Award from Arts Council England: Life and Deaf

John_Finn_Art_Work_2018_WPVisual artist John Finn is mentored by DASH in Shropshire.  Finn is profoundly Deaf and was recently registered blind. Finn will deliver an artist residency at Sense Touchbase Pears; a new community resource in Birmingham for the deaf-blind community.  Finn will devise new work for the context, using Fish as a metaphor.  Finn was a computer animator and now wants to make visual art. To make an exhibition he needs to use assistive technology. Large scale touch screen tablets and a mobile computer will also enable Finn to do more artist residencies in Arts and Health settings with guidance from iPad artist Jason Wilshire-Mills.

GBA_7970Billy Read is a Deaf street dancer awarded an Unlimited International Collaboration R&D Commission in 2017. It was a highly ambitious activity delivering a startling performance for Deaf and hearing audiences. This proposal to R&D a new dance will action the findings and recommendations of the evaluation of the Unlimited Commission and enable Billy Read to demonstrate artistic leadership, explore use of drone technology, to take on role of choreographer and writer; to blend dance and sign language together to tell a love story about a dystopian future.


In 2018 Deaf Explorer are supporting an amazing contemporary visual artist and Jeweller Birmingham based MARAL  MAMAGHANI, Installation artist Brighton based OMEIMA MUDAWI-ROWLINGS and Manchester based photographer TOLU SHOLANKE. 

Deaf explorer aim to support deaf artists to make applications to Unlimited’s competitive round of Production awards in November 2018.

We aim to show case new work at a conference in partnership with Birmingham City University on 16 & 17 November called DIY Diversity, please contact us to sign up to our mailing list.

About Deaf Explorer

Deaf Explorer formed in 2012. Rinkoo Barpaga, Ruth Montgomery Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq and Rachael Veazey sat down in a cafe in Birmingham and signed up to Deaf explorer because we wanted to help other Deaf artists to gain better access to the arts. We all agreed that barriers and inequality existed.  We also wanted to support Deaf artists from diverse backgrounds, recognising that they area are a significant creative force in the Deaf arts community.

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