Deaf Explorer are delighted that Mark Smith’s application to Arts Council England to R & D Hut 8 has been successful! Read below to learn more about the project: 

My research inspired by code breaker & father of Computer Science Alan Turing. He is focus point & middle for four different ideas. I want to explore the artistic side of Alan Turing. Firstly, I want to build up a three-way relationship between Maths, Movement & Music. The 3 M’s. To incorporate Alan Turing’s language into a technical choreography. I will work with Mathematician Marcus du Sautoy OBE FRSI & composer Michael England. In 1941 Alan Turing played the first ever synthesiser, Michael will sample this recording & reinvent it. Secondly I want to collaborate with Caroline Parker CBE. Caroline signs with emotion & provides the expertise so that my choreography can reveal in sign language the poetic writing of Alan Turing when writing to the love of his life Christopher Marcom, who sadly died of illness. This loss in 1930 motivated Turing, he longed to understand what had become of Christopher, of that essential aspect of him: mind. Turing thought of the mind as an intelligent machine. Thirdly, I will explore Turing’s private relationship with machine & work with William Elliot who will audio describe a silent dance that constructs a large physical human machine. Fourthly, Turing Law. I will merge dance & physical theatre to expose Turing’s discrimination. Turin agreed to be chemically castrated, rather than go to prison for his homosexuality, depression led him to bite a poison apple. I will gather older gay men’s stories & views about pardons & work them into dance.