Painting By Olivier Jamin
Large Canvas work By Olivier Jamin “Vibration”

Ruth Montgomery’s exhibition Audiovisuality at Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury

Featured image: flute solo – the eastern sunrise

From The Elements of Music A “visual music” art form exploring various aspects of music from the perspectives of deaf and hearing artists, with a focus on capturing the visual language of music. The exhibition unveils the talents of 16 British Deaf Artists across a number of disciplines, including photography, sculpture, acting, textiles, Sign Language, musical composition and film.

Arlington Arts Centre, Mary Hare, Newbury RG14 3BQ Plan your visit: Website

About the Picture with Eloise Garland, Danny Lane and Ruth Montgomery

It is a common misconception that deaf people cannot enjoy or appreciate music beyond vibration – let alone hear it. The top part of the canvas shows the word vibration, which is the element of music that this artwork was focusing on. However, it is important to remember that vibration is just one element of music amongst others including dynamics, Beat, and texture. Acknowledging all of the elements of music beyond vibration opens up a whole new level of understanding. On the canvas, you can see many words surrounding the centrepiece of vibration, showing what can be gained by seeing the whole picture. By acknowledging the other elements, the word vibration certainly seems to fade into the background. Although I am a musician (Ruth Montgomery) and focus on sound, visual art is a brilliant tool to communicate a message of other people by raising cultural and social awareness.

Funded by Arts Council England

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