Spitalfields Arts Market London

Translating the Deaf Self

Dates:1 – 3 Dec 2018

Address: Spitalfields Arts Market
Market Street
E1 6DC

Open: 10am – 5pm daily


Louise’s residency took place at Royal Association for the Deaf People (RAD) in Essex.
‘Born in California to a 4th generation deaf family, I saw in art and literature a way to investigate and liberate.  In my work, I use the written word and visual images to examine language, emotion, and communication, filtered through deafness.

For Translating the Deaf Self, I am honoured to work with the people at the Romford Deaf Club.  I photographed them talking about their lives and their experiences of using an interpreter, and asked them to write a few words taken from what they told me.  I knew that writing is often uncomfortable for deaf people, but wanted the finished pieces to look at different forms of language.  I have then put together the photographs, the scraps of writing, and pieces of paper taken from the British Legion where the Club meets to make a portrait of communication and environment’