sketch keyhole“Don’t Box Me In”

Proposal to present an interactive public sculpture about British Muslim Identity at Mela and Eid Mela Festivals in Summer 2017.

By Deaf Visual Artist Rubbena Auranqzeb-Tariq

In 2016 I am contacting organisers of Mela and Eid Mela Festivals. I am doing this to ask if I can use the space where people sit and walk. I will place in this space eight beautiful sculptures. The largest 165 cm and the smallest 75 cm. The installation will occupy approximately eight metres square. Audiences will be curious and drawn to these sculptures because they will have a consistent design and be a mix of colours and textures. Unique about the exhibition will be that the artist is present, ready to engage and talk to audiences about the artwork. Each sculpture is symbolic of the complex and multiple identities of British Muslims. The conversations by the artist about the artwork will open up discussion about contemporary Muslim identity, highlighting cultural difference and conflicts we feel as a result of eastern and western ideas. For example, each sculpture will visualise Disability, Faith, Freedom, Equality, Family, Belonging. When seen together as one sculpture and as many different sculptures, they will open up discussion about femininity, empowerment, Deafness and Islam. It’s going to be a unique experience and audiences will make their own interpretations about what they see and about who they are!

MelaIt is the intention of the artist to bring to the event a filmmaker who will work alongside Rubbena to record the dialogue with audiences so that at a later date the artwork along with the film can be shown in your local Museum and Gallery.

Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq is currently applying to Arts Council England to make the sculptures and gain a subsidy for showing the artwork at Mela and Eid Melas in England.

If you are interested in booking Rubbena Auranqzeb-Tariq proposal for your Festival please contact Deaf explorer.


If you want to find out more about the purpose of the artwork by talking to the artist, please contact deaf explorer and we will arrange a conversation using online services with a British Sign Language interpreter, or if you prefer we can organise a meeting.