John Finn

Finn’s Fish – Sketches and Audio Description

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Audio Description: Purple Fish

A purple fish with large pouting lips and protruding organge eye and a large vertical dorsal fin that resembles a Mohican hair cut. The tail fin is also spikey. Towards the tail of the fish there are symbols in darker purple, peace, recycling, skull & crossbones, atom and biohazard. The purple fish is on a yellow background with obvious brushstrokes. The yellow background is painted on a white background. The picture is photographed against wooden boards.

The thinking behind the fish tank come through my little projects, feeling, seeing and listening. It is a kind of multi sensations of one’s experience.

When I lost one of my sensations (vision) which suddenly it has become so important I still grieve for my loss. (I was born deaf, hearing loss means nothing to me)

I start to enchant or exaggerate whatever left of my vision through Art. My works are to be exaggerated abstract also a touch of animation looks with simple lines. It would never be a fine detailed work due to the limitation vision I have. I relied on memory of my early life.

Fish Tank is part of my learning experiences as a part childhood / early age as a sighted person through adulthood / late age as a blind person.

The Background
It is important to explore the multi layers through the help of animation, films, sounds and touch.

The Movement
The fishes will be animated but not like Disney like smooth movements type of animation or even very well polished looks. It would be drawn by hand via computer, and then print on the rough textured paper and then using stop motion method, they would swim in a flickering/stuttering movements almost like the flight of a butterfly. They would not be so smooth.

The Interaction.

The Fishes would not randomly swim around. Some of them would watch you moving around. They would react to your movements. Depending on their personabilties, they would follow you or perhaps avoid you. They would react to your hands. Some would allow you to “touch” them.

The Touch
That is where Haptic comes in. When you attempt to touch a fish or a fish comes to your outreached hand. You would feel the sensation of the fish through Haptic Technology. At no point you would touch anything like wall, monitor etc, you would feel the fish in mid-air about a foot away from the animated fish.

The Scene
The scene of the tank wall where the fishes peer through are filmed on an unimagainative fish tank containing limped water plants, a tacky looking castle from Poundland, poorly hidden bubble pumps and a unwinded clockwork diver. Possibly set up by an unimaginatively, unenthusiastically secretary of a dentist.

The Feeling of the Fish Tank Project
It has to have a feeling and the lock of British vibe. It will be hard to capture the brutishness. I add lame lazy humour with the diver and the feeble castle.