Jill Mossop

Jill Mossop is looking for Arts Organisations to support her with an Deaf led audience development project, the project is of interest to Muti Art Form spaces and Photography galleries.

Impossible to ignore

A Proposal by Jill Mossop to Arts Spaces in UK

Deaf Photographer Jill Mossop proposes to go to use photography to develop relationships with deaf audiences that are local to your venue.

Jill is currently applying to Arts Council England to purchase a portable digital photo studio; with this she will offer to the deaf community portrait photographs and photographs of treasured and meaningful possessions. Following this activity, that can take place where the deaf community meet or in your venue, Jill will use the latest technology to create 3 D Virtual Reality photo montages, that will be surreal.

The proposal to your venue is to create a happening that will involve deaf audiences and use Virtual Reality VR 3D headsets for smartphones to present the pictures. Jill’s marketing of the activity through social media and face to face contact will bring deaf community into your venue. They will come to see the surreal montages Jill has created as a result of taking photographs with her portable digital studio. The happening is also an opportunity to meet deaf people and promote your programme of work. We propose that the happening takes place during an exhibition that you think may fit or Jill’s activities over a twelve month period will enable you to gain and build an audience for accessible tours of your exhibitions. If you are a performing arts venue you could promote the happening on the night of an assisted BSL show.

Jill Mossop welcomes members of staff from your venue joining her on her visits to deaf clubs or social spaces where deaf people meet.

We plan the activity to take place in your local deaf community between September 2016 and April 2017 and the presentation of the art work in the form of temporary events to happen from September 2017 onwards with potential to continue to May 2018.

If you are interested we would require a contribution to the total cost of the activity. This would include promoting the venues programme on the online social network that Jill is setting up as part of the project. Jill Mossops requires A BSL interpreter and we are asking the Arts Council to pay for an interpreter to support her to work in the Arts Sector and meet key staff in Arts organisations.

In our proposal we have included 2D surreal photographs that Jill Mossop has constructed and shown in the past. With this new project Jill will immerse herself in the deaf community and find out how Deaf people are changing as a result of technology, be it cochlear ear plants, DNA screening or smart phones. This research will find titles for surreal pictures that will represent a voice in a silent community and reveal the issues in the deaf world about good and bad technology. Jill will then travel with these titles, and find calm spaces to distill the ideas and begin drawings that show what Jill has seen amongst deaf people. Like the surrealist movement Jill will disclose the private world of the mind, to expose the debates in the deaf community about technology to produce surprising and unexpected imagery. Jill will deal with the disparate viewpoints, that exist across different and diverse deaf communities and make provocative art work that will engage young deaf people.

Jill Mossop is part of  a group of Deaf artists working in the visual arts, music, dance, poetry and photography. The aim is to make Deaf explorer a leading organisation in the Arts, that evolves deaf artists into the mainstream by improving relationships with Arts Spaces and involving them in contemporary deaf culture with high quality exciting proposals and activities that all audiences can enjoy and participate.

Download A Proposal by Jill Mossop to Arts Spaces in UK