Deaf Explorer intervention weekend British Art Show

group of portraits

Deaf explorer artist networking event at Beaconsfield gallery 31 July 2015

Deaf explorer is an artist led group, founded by the winners of a travel competition funded by Arts Council England and wanting to continue to support creative deaf people and tackle the barriers deaf artist face to the mainstream arts provision through innovative and interesting projects and proposals.

We are a learning organisation, in that we want to learn more about the contemporary world and the context we are devising projects to inhabit and live. We therefore seek input and partnership with arts organisations so that relationships can evolve.

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Deaf Explorer Visual Arts Exchange – Ikon Gallery – Monday June 16 2014, 12 – 4pm

Ikon Gallery Monday June 16 2014

Book your place on Eventbrite: click link

(closed captions available – watch on YouTube)

Deaf Explorer are currently sending invitations to deaf visual artists to attend our exciting networking event. If you would like to be invited please email or contact using facebook page.

We want to give deaf visual artists a chance to meet, introduce your work to the group,exchange ideas and look at funding and project proposals.

There will be representatives from Arts Council, Deaf Explorers Artists and DASH.

The programme for the day:

11:15am – tea/coffee and networking
12:00 Keynote presentations: Deaf Explorer artists & arts organisations
13:00 Discussion: Barriers to networking & funding / Arts organisations supporting visual artists
14:00 Presentations from deaf artists
15:00 Discussion: Opportunities to work together / Pitch project ideas
16:00 Finish

We are now planning a project that will involve many deaf artists. If you applied to deaf explorer in 2012 and you were unsuccessful, please have a look at our video. We do hope you get involved in the next phase of the deaf explorer journey, to get deaf artists working in the mainstream arts.

(closed captions available – watch on YouTube)

Email to get updates about event and covering travel costs if you want to attend. Please note limited spaces.


Cultural Boundaries: Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq

ART EXHIBITION & INSTALLATION by Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq

Friday, 11th October & Monday, 14th October
Show opening – 9am – 4:30pm
Free Admission

Unheard-Until-Marriage11The Deaf Cultural Centre Explorers are delighted to present the work of Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq, a British born artist from a Muslim upbringing. This provides a unique opportunity to meet the artist. Rubbena’s work explores cultural differences and tensions – drawing together western and eastern elements.

Rubbena’s recent work has been inspired by her involvement in Deaf Explorer which has enabled her to research Bollywood and Indian culture and take a fresh direction in the development of her art.

Her paintings produced during this time contain abstracted forms of hearing aids and ear moulds floating within a visually ‘noisy’ background of colours.

This new work will be presented alongside “Unheard until Marriage” 2011, an art installation dealing with the problematic nature in mainstream societies of not seeing beyond pervasive cultural stereotypes of Asian women’s culture, disability and deafness to achieve a deeper understanding of Deaf Asian women’s’ real life experience.