Tolu Sholanke

Images made in April 2018  in London with street photographer Rinkoo Barpaga

Images made in May 2018 with the community who lead and go to the Deeper Christian Life Ministry in Longsite, Manchester, showing potential of research

Tolu Sholanke:


I was born in Nigeria and my family and my community traveled from Lagos by boat to Liverpool in 1998.  My research is ambitious because I propose to move from a place of comfort – my studio (above image publication Dumpton 2016), to that of interaction and engagement with Nigerian Community in Manchester, using an interpreter to assist my negotiations with members of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, the church I regularly attend. Over a 6 month period, I will take photographs and then show my photographs every six weeks at events with West African food that I will call  touch points.  They will be an opportunity for my subjects to tell me their experience of viewing the work, so that the project is not entirely led by me, the artist, but has time to develop as a result of the relationship. I will also involve the Nigerian Catholic Chaplaincy and community centres used by the Nigerian community in Longsight, Moston and Ardwick.

Jude and his shop, example of the community involved in my research