Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq

Rubbena is currently funded by Arts Council England to do R&D and is creating an artwork representing multiple identities. The R&D is investigating form and artistic conceptual content. The idea is to build an installation that uses the idea of stacking Russian dolls to represent ‘layers’/ aspects of the ‘self’ and variations of identity. It will consist of seven sculptures of varying dimensions cast in acrylic.

Rubbena is researching form with the aid of a CAD designer and a fabricator to explore casting different materials, textures, transparencies, and colours to construct miniatures.

Rubbena is exploring content through 14 workshops with Deaf children and 1 with Deaf adults, using miniatures to show them my concept of multiple-identities for them to consider what identity is and encourage them to express it by using different materials to create 3D shapes. Most of Rubbena’s art focuses on her identity. Rubbena will use the workshops to find out about society and its pressures for new generations and the issues that young Deaf people might experience today. Rubbena will explore in workshops how the pressures could be very different to those experienced by older Deaf people. The young people’s input will inform representations of identity. A workshop with adults will broaden Rubbena’s understanding of older generation’s perceptions of identity.

Watch this space…