Photo by Kate Green.

It has been a huge privilege to work with Alan over the last 11 years to build Deaf Explorer to be the dynamic and successful organisation it is today. We have been on the journey to create the CIC and to now evolve again, having received funding from the Arts Council to become an IPSO – an Investment Principle Support Organisation.

It has been incredible to work with talented Deaf Artists who are skilled in their particular disciplines to see them move into the mainstream creative sector and gain success. I feel passionate about the work we do and the people we work with, identifying, supporting and growing talented artists.

During the Covid lockdown periods, we were able to spend time focussing on the company, and through successfully gaining Cultural Recovery Funding, the organisation was able to explore new freedoms and apply for further core funding. 

“We have built an amazing team of passionate and dedicated individuals, and I know that Alan and the new Creative Director will be strong leaders for the organisation going forward.”

During my time at Deaf Explorer, I have made great relationships with local arts organisations and there are lots of opportunities to continue building on these in the future.

I feel this is the right time for me to step aside from my current role. This will create an opportunity for a strong Deaf leader to take on this new senior position, strengthening Deaf leadership in the arts and driving forward the organisation in this new direction.

The team at Deaf Explorer wants to express our sincere gratitude to Rachael for the incredible contributions she has made over the years. We cannot thank her enough for the dedication, passion, and hard work she has shown towards our cause.

Rachael has been an invaluable member of our team, and her efforts, expertise, and passion have truly made a difference in the lives of the Deaf community.

Deaf Explorer are so grateful for her commitment to our mission, and we know that she will continue to make a positive impact in the arts.  

Thank you, Rachael, for everything you have done and for being such an integral part of our organisation!