Deaf Explorer meets Shadow Lucifer and tells us about his artistic ambitions and need for more South Asian Deaf Talent to break into the Arts.

Zahir Khan tells us that he does not see culture aimed at South Asian Deaf young people – Asian, meaning Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi. Zahir is inspired by Rinkoo Barpaga storytelling about his Kenyan and Indian heritage. Before lockdown, Zahir performed at Deaf Rave in London. His peers now ask? “When is he going to get on stage again!” Zahir also wants to be a role model and develop his workshop skills in the community. He hopes to involve South Asian audiences and change attitudes about deafness and disability, where there remains taboo.

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“Your feedback, New ideas and concepts really appreciate it, your explanation of everything has been really valuable, Thank you” – Zahir

Deaf Explorer wish you good luck with applications for funding to realise your ambitions.