5.30 pm 24 April Grant Ferguson Square Eye Festival watch on Facebook & YouTube

Grant Ferguson will be chatting to Rinkoo Barpaga about his journey into local politics at 5.30 pm today, 24 April 2021. You can also watch Grant Ferguson on the  Representation panel at 1 pm on Sunday 25 April 2021

Grant Ferguson is a Glaswegian who was educated at Burwood Park School in London.  He worked in local government IT for over 30 years. In 2007 he joined the SNP and began working with their Disabled Members Group with an aim to improve the lives of deaf and disabled people.  He was elected to serve as a member of the group  and having recently begun a second term has been on the committee  for over 5 years now. During his term he has been able to educate the party about the access needs and culture of deaf people.  His input has helped to make the party more inclusive and accessible through the provision of Sign Language interpreters and subtitled materials. In 2019 Grant was selected for and stood as the SNP candidate for a by-election for South Lanarkshire Council.  He won the election becoming the first ever deaf councillor in Scotland. Through this work on the council he realised that many of their policies and procedures were not accessible to deaf people, putting them at a disadvantage in comparison to their hearing neighbours.  He has been able to highlight this as a council member and work with the council to enable access using subtitling and Sign Language Interpretation and so improving equality of access for deaf residents in the area.

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