Sahera Khan: Deaf Theatre Maker seeks research contributors

Hello, my name is Sahera Khan. I am a Muslim Deaf British sign language user. I live in London and I am a writer/creator, artist/actor, filmmaker and YouTuber.
I have recently been successful in obtaining a bursary from Deafinitely theatre.  This is for a new project that I am looking to embark on. The project will be a short story about Deaf, deaf females who have been in the justice system e.g., police, court, or are in prison for a criminal offence.
I am seeking contributors who may know of a female who is Deaf, deaf or hard of hearing who has had experience with the criminal justice system or who has been to prison.
If this is a project you would like to be a part of have experiences or stories that relate, what were the experiences and were there any obstacles or barriers that were faced?  I am looking for a mixture of true and fictional stories.
I can offer a small fee for your contribution thanks to the bursary from Deafinitely theatre; I am not making any profit from this project, but the bursary will fund developing the research and writing of the play to develop for a play text.
Terms and Conditions. Confidentiality rules and regulations: To respect the identity of those partaking in the project, you do not have to declare the names of the Deaf or hard of hearing women. Names can remain anonymous. In line with GDPR regulations, details will not be made public, for example, no address, personal information, phone numbers, background information or the name of the prison or criminal justice system. However, the only detail that will be used is the different ages e.g., youth or adult.
If you are interested please email Sahera Khan at for further information and an opportunity to discuss this project in more detail.
Sahera Khan
Freelance Writer, Artist (Actress), Filmmaker and YouTuber.
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