Deaf Men Dancing Greenwich Performs 2019


Deaf Men Dancing  is an exciting fusion of contemporary, classical and commercial dance, incorporating sign language, into a rich and diverse movement vocabulary.

Laban Theatre, London
Dates 8 October & 10 October 2019

Touring Dates Available in October and November 2019

“Deaf Men Dancing are developing something innovative and exciting in their work”
Dan Slipper BBC Ouch

“Smith’s work isn’t just delightful it is bold and interesting”
The London magazine  

“Mark Smith’s choreography is outstanding”
What’sOn stage 

Mark Smith is the founder and Artistic Director of Deaf Men Dancing (DMD). After choreographing award winning shows  Mark Smith is now at the peak of his skills and hungry to use them as the  artistic director of DMD.  For Greenwich Performs 2019 Mark will reignite the excitement surrounding a company put together by a common thread of being Deaf Male Dancers and challenge perceptions that Deaf people can’t dance. He will bring together four Deaf men, who in the past where just out of college, and now like Mark excel in the work they now do. Choreographer Mark Smith will remix his past work around the topic of “Time” involving a retrospective of Deaf Men Dancing visual narrative & fusion of dance style: Sounds, Hear! Hear!, TEN, Rosa, Embrace, Corazon a’ Corazon, Let us tell you a story. All will reveal how the elements of signing are teased out and drawn into something uniquely beautiful, making incredibly detailed explorations of the various musical scores. 


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